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When Once Upon a Time Something Happend


 “when once upon a time something happened,” is my newest series paintings. I convey the notion of memories, identity, absence, and ephemerality. 


My works reflect significant moments spent with my friends and family back home in Tehran, Iran, as those people, places, and moments are now inaccessible. To overcome this absence, I use my imagination and recreate those moments of affection and intimacy.


The narratives usually take place in indoor spaces reminiscent of ‘home.’ Home is where the secret double lives of Iranians occur - drinking, dancing, smoking, and holding hands, despite these being illegal in public. These moments are profoundly honest, emotional, and sincere demonstrations of our community.


The development of each painting is different. Sometimes I use videos and snapshots I’ve taken with my phone and old family VHS records to build compositions based on the imprints I have experienced. In some other works, I do digital sketches based on my imagination. I place myself as the protagonist of the events or stories in the compositions, making eye contact with the viewer. 


My color pallet develops intuitively during the painting process and goes through metamorphosis until the work functions the way I desire. I begin this process with a free-hand drawing of the most crucial element of the work; It could be the figure, environment, or walls with shadows cast on them.

I use the tools that painting provides me to translate my thoughts into a visual language. 

We are brave, 2022, Oil on Canvas, 48 x 60 inches

Don't look at me like that, 2022, Oil on Canvas,  27 x 39 inches

When I heard that he is gone, 2022, Oil on Canvas,  40 x 60 inches

When she broke up, 2022, Oil on Canvas,  36 x 36 inches

Just Careless, 2022, Oil on Canvas,  48 x 24  inches

Don't be scared and laugh, 2022, Oil on Canvas, 27 x 19  inches

After midnight, 2022, Oil on Canvas, 53 x 56 inches

inssomnia .jpg

Insomnia, 2022, Oil on Canvas,  44x 68  inches

Girls night , 2022, Oil on Canvas, 60 x 40 inches

When the world crumbled, 2022, Oil on Canvas,  40 x 60 inches

Post Match, 2022, Oil on Canvas,  40 x 60 inches


See, You are still here with me, 2023, 48 x 36, Oil on Canvas

Three Helias, 2023, 28 x 28, Oil on Canvas

Step Your Mind, 2023, 25 x 40, Oil on Canvas

Are You There? 2023, 32x 32, Oil on Canvas

Morning Cigarette, 2023, 32x 32, Oil on Canvas

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